Activate April 2018

ISSUE 1 : March 2018 Activate DEAR PARTNERS and Colleagues, I am delighted to share the first edition of ShipNet ACTIVATE with you. This newsletter will be shared with you every two months and will act as a platform for us to share our collective thoughts that we hope will inspire, inform and demonstrate the future to you. E very maritime organisation I meet with wants to generate efficiency, cash and compliance for their business. Every talented individual I see or engage with that is connected to the maritime sector wants to make this happen. However, this has not really happened to the best possible extent as there are two catalysts that have not been triggered effectively – ‘Scale’ and ‘Action’. We have had a very successful year following our acquisition by the Volaris Group (which is a part of Constellation Software, a publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange). Not only have we renewed our talent pool with experts, but many of our customers have started to realise the benefits of the $26 million investments that we have made in our products over the last 3 years. We now have a renewed integrated platform with renewed modules with some very unique capabilities which, if leveraged correctly, will make ‘Scale’ matter. We would like to thank all our customers and our experts within the business that contributed to the success of this platform. Together, with access to thousands of experts across our 200+ customer-base, we are at a point where we can make ‘Scale’ meaningful. So, let’s take a moment to reflect on the art of the possible from a ‘Scale’ perspective: • We have over 8,000 ShipNet users that have knowledge of industry best practices across Suren Thadani CEO - ShipNet