Activate July 2018

ISSUE 2: July 2018 Activate DEAR PARTNERS and Colleagues, Q2 2018 has been a very busy but extremely fruitful quarter for us. We are delighted to share that we have brought 7 new customers onboard and have upgraded, or commenced upgrades, to our new platform for 11 existing customers. S olving customer problems and achieving their mission is what inspires us. We had a number of our customers attend the user conference in June at Park Plaza, UK, and I would like to thank them for their participation and their ideas. It was inspiring to hear where their organisations were heading as well as to listen in on their ideas in terms of what they want us to do with our solutions. At ShipNet, we have made every executive management team member responsible for bringing at least one shared idea to life. We are also going to launch our dedicated user groups in July, along with an advisory board of customers across key product investments that we have decided to make based on feedback received from the user conference. Our team continues to grow with new strengths and capabilities. It is great to see individuals collaborating with one another, as well as setting the leadership tone within their departments or setting themselves as a leading example for others to follow. Going forward in all our newsletters, based on feedback received from the user conference. We have also launched one of our largest offices in the business in the UK. We are looking at making positive investments in other geographies within the next 6-9 months in order to have offices closer to our larger concentration of customers. We simply want to get closer to our customers in order to facilitate a better collaboration between us moving forward. I am also delighted to see that we continue to adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting business - whether you are a customer, employee or partner. You will find integrity, commitment and excellence in doing business with ShipNet. Commitment to our core values and mission/vision remains stronger than ever. I hope you enjoy reading the second version of our newsletter. There will be a special edition that we will be releasing end of July on our user conference, so stay in touch. Best Regards, Suren Thadani CEO - ShipNet Email: Suren Thadani CEO - ShipNet